Vacon NX Drives
Vacon NX drivesVacon NX drives

Vacon NX Drives

If you are looking for reliability and easy integration into your system, the Vacon name is your first choice. Vacon drives are based on full hardware and software modularity and make use of the most sophisticated semiconductor technology available.

Manufacturer: Vacon

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Vacon NX Drives

The Vacon NXL Light is a powerful and compact AC drive and is well suited for general light industrial purposes. The NXL Light is also the perfect choice for other installations where advanced drive control features aren’t necessary. They can even be used for basic pump control installations and heavy duty applications where only simple I/O is needed.

  • 415V
  • 0.75 to 30kW
  • Three Phase
  • IP21/54
  • EMC Level H with Integrated RFI Filter and AC Choke Standard
  • Automatic Restart
  • Full Motor Protection
  • Flying Start Function
  • Motor Auto ID Tuning
  • Automatic Sleep Function
  • PID Controller for up to 4 Pumps
  • Output Relay Delays
  • Integrated Instructions

 Vacon NXS Standard

The NXS Standard all-purpose drive is the reliable choice for all kinds of industrial applications. Its robust design incorporates effective protection against supply network disturbances. Trip-free operation is enhanced by sophisticated motor control principals, protection features, component selection and effective cooling. The NXS Standard drive is the most popular choice for pump sets (pressure, flow and level control), conveyors, mixers, fans, mining equipment, and general industrial applications.

  • 240V to 690V
  • 355 to 560kW
  • PID Controller and Pump Operation for up to 5 Pumps
  • Five Slots for Control Boards
  • Low Noise
  • High Switching Frequency (close to sinusoidal current)
  • Temperature controlled cooling fans
  • Integrated AC-chokes (wide voltage range)
  • 50°C Ambient Temperature without Derating (high overload ratings)
  • Cooling Channel separated from Electronics
  • Sophisticated Open Loop Vector Control
  • High Performance
  • Trip Free Operation
  • Fast and reliable Flying Start
  • The smallest in its class
  • An extensive array of applications and Inputs/Outputs are available which makes this an excellent choice when integrating a more complex control system.

 Vacon NXP Performance

The NXP Performance is designed for any application where robustness, dynamic performance, precision, and power are required. The NXP Performance has been designed to provide the best possible control under all circumstances and ensures high operational quality and availability for the entire lifetime of a system. The NXP Performance is invaluable when it comes to high power applications, encoder feedback operation such as cranes and hoists, drive-drive communications, controls induction, and permanent magnet motors.

  • 240V to 690V
  • 200 to 2000kW
  • Open or closed-loop vector control.
  • Flexible and dynamic motor control.
  • Incremental and Absolute encoder support.
  • Induction and PMS motors supported.
  • Fast Motor control cycle time down to 140µs.
  • I/O scanning time down to 1ms.
  • High speed bus (12 Mbps) for fast inter-drive communication.
  • Speed error <0.01%.
  • Fast drive-to-drive communications for positioning, load sharing and synchronizing capabilities.
  • Induction and permanent magnet motors supported 6 pulse, 12 pulse and Active Front End regenerative solutions.
  • Incremental and absolute encoder supported.

 Vacon NXC Cabinet

The Vacon NXC Cabinet is a space saving, air and liquid cooled, well tested drive, which fully utilises the flexibility of the NXP drive for applications up to 2MW. The NXC Cabinet is a safe choice for any large kW application, providing a well engineered cabinet solution to achieve IP21 or IP54. Common options, such as fuses, eases the installation and protection of the drive.

  • Extensive factory options include fast acting fuses, main switch, contactor, control options and filters.
  • Easily accessible control unit.
  • Good thermal handing for long lifetime and trouble free operation.
  • IP21 and IP54 solutions.
  • Approved EMC solutions and integrated AC Chokes.
  • Output filters incl. dU/dt and Sine filters.
  • Door control options, top entry modules.

 Vacon NXW Water

The Liquid Cooled NXW Water drive is Vacon’s most space-saving AC drive available, and is well suited for locations where cooling requirements and space are a premium. This top end product is purposefully designed to be liquid cooled, and is perfect for hot and dusty spaces or heavy marine and industrial applications.

  • 415V to 690V
  • 300kW to 5300kW
  • 12 pulse, 18 Pulse and Regenerative drives available
  • High-tech Cooling Element design
  • No Galvanic Connection to coolant
  • Double Shielded cooling
  • 12-pulse and 18-pulse diode rectifier
  • Advanced IGBT-technology
  • Accurate Current Sensors
  • Heat losses can be steered to the most convenient location
  • High usability of heat loss
  • Savings on Air-conditioning running costs
  • Space saving design compared to air cooled
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Minimal ventilation requirements