Onga 384 Pump

Onga 384 Engine Driven Pump

Onga 384 is Hi-Flo centrifugal pump coupled to a Yanmar or Honda engines. Hi Flo centrifugal pump coupled with Yanmar 7HP diesel or Honda / B & S 8/10HP petrol engines
Manufacturer: Onga

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Onga 384 Engine Driven Pump

The 384 Hi-Flo centrifugal engine drive pump is the ideal water transfer pump. With flows up to 700 litres/minute and capable of heads up to 70 metres.

The Onga 384 is a formidable product for your farm. Available in petrol and diesel, pull and electric start, your requirements are covered.


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Products specifications
Maximum Flow 700 lpm
Maximum Pressure 70 m head
Warranty Period 1 Year