Grundfos unilift kp series

Grundfos Unilift KP 250 Series

Unilift KP series are multipurpose, submersible stainless steel pumps. Available in manual and automatic operation.
Unilift KP 250 is a single stage submersible pump designed for pumping grey waste water


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  • Lifting wastewater from washing machines, showers, wash basins, located below drain pipe.
  • Drainage of flooded cellars, sumps etc.
  • Drainage or filling of swimming pools or tanks.
  • Transfer of liquids in agriculture, horticulture and industry.
  • Pumping water from shallow wells.


  • Compact Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction (AISI 304)
  • Wide range, with automatic and manual versions. KP available with standard float (A1) or a vertical float (Niro).
  • Easy maintenance of the strainer and power/float cable.


  • Semi Open Impeller
  • IP 68 Motor & Class F Insulation
  • 1 X 240V pumps include capacitor and thermal overload protection.

Please phone for all other size variations.

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Products specifications
Power Output 0.14-0.25 kW
Phase 1 Ph
Connection Size Outlet 1 1/4″F
Water Temperature 0/50
Warranty Period 2 Years