Davey Hot & Cold Water Circulators

Circulation of hot or cold water in heating, air-conditioning or cooling systems.


SC20-25: $324.00

SB25-20: $467.00

SB30-25: $561.00

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Davey Hot & Cold Water Circulators

Davey hot & cold water circulators are ideal for domestic heating applications, secondary hot water services, air conditioning and cooling systems.

The advanced multi-speed, shaft-motor can provides a long and reliable operating life.

In-line pump casing with threaded ports for easy installation and direct mounting on pipe work. Barrel unions with threaded ports for easy installation & service. Rotating parts in contact with pumped liquid, made of corrosion resistant materials, to provide maintenance free and long service life. Stainless steel impeller neck ring for long life & maintenance free operation. Three speed with manual selector switch, adaptable to suit installations.


For domestic and commercial installations such as :

• For houses, motels and small apartment buildings

• Solar heating circuits

• The water runs hot as soon as the tap is opened


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