Davey General Purpose Dewatering Pumps

Davey General Purpose Dewatering Pumps

General purpose dewatering sump pumps for water transfer or removal. Able to pump grey water of neutral pH containing up to 10% small soft solids or 1% fine solids.
Manufacturer: Davey


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Davey General Purpose Dewatering Pumps

Portable electric Davey General Purpose Dewatering Pumps up to 400W nominal output.


  •  Dewatering of cellars, garages, ditches, pits & ponds
  •  Pumping clean or slightly dirty water
  •  Sump emptying
  •  Decorative water features

“A” suffix models equipped with preset length float switch for automatic operation

Model Numbers: D10A, D15A, D25A, D40A & D40M

Features & Benefits

  • Open impeller, centrifugal design able to pump small soft solids in suspension
  • Double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath added motor pretection & provide long service life
  • Sand slinger lip seal added protection
  • Automatic resetting thermal overload protected against overloading
  • 10m long with 3 pin power plug allow easy connect to power supply

Download Small Dewatering Pumps Datasheet here.


Products specifications
Power Output 100 – 400 Watts
Power Supply SinglePhase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz
Maximum Flow 240 lpm
Maximum Pressure 12 m head
Warranty Period 2 Years