ClayTech ePump Variable Speed Pump

ClayTech ePump –

  • Intergrated electronic control
  • Swivel connections
  • Prefilter for easy maintenance
  • Water cooled motor produces less noise
  • Variable speed & save electricity while giving constant pressure and flow.

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ClayTech ePump Variable Speed Pump

The ClayTech ePump is a revolutionary variable speed pump ideal for a quality Australian home. The ePump provides constant pressure and flow independent of how many taps are open. It is time to have that perfect shower. The ePump’s state-of-the-art inverter technology ensures energy cost savings every time water is used. Save money year after year after year. And now it is at a price point that makes it economical. The ePump also has a fully water cooled motor making it quieter. There is no need for air to flow over the motor, as in a normal air cooled motor, allowing it to be located in a confined space or even completely covered. The ePump has an easy to clean pre-filter and a unique easy connect system allowing quick disconnection from pipework for maintenance. This is a premium product in the domestic water pumps.


ClayTech ePump brochure