AEM is now an Australian and NZ distributor of the Knight sleeves.  These ready made sleeves enable a quick and reliable repair of the bearing housings, saving time and costs associated with making your own.

Available in sizes for bearing including, but not limited to, the 6000, 6200, 6300, and NU series.

AEM stocks a wide variety of sleeves covering various bearing sizes, ready to be delivered immediately.

Swiss engineered quality.

Made from US class 40 grey cast iron that machines easily and produces a quality finish.

“Best in class” quality in production and engineering

  • Smooth chamfer on both ends
  • Faster than making your own
  • Unmatched smooth finish on the ID easing the wear on tooling
  • Exactly 1mm to machine off the ID – good depth to finish in one cut
  • Guaranteed to be round because of Knight Manufacturing’s smooth production technique
  • Minimal weight in both handling and shipping – no excess material on ID