Electric Motor Repairs

AEM perform rewinds, repairs and overhauls of electric motors for clients throughout Australia from workshop based in Adelaide, South Australia. We also have years of experience performing on-site work on electric motors at manufacturing plants, oil rigs, and mining operations.

DC Motors

AEM provides complete overhauling, rewinding and repair services for all sizes of DC motors.

DC Motor Rewinds
AEM’s qualified technicians are capable of rewinding all sizes of field frames and armature windings.  We have the right equipment and the best technicians to provide the best rewind service to our valued customers.

AEM has in house testing facilities to electrical and mechanical test DC motors before and after repair. For example:

  • Voltage Drop Test
  • Resistance Comparison Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Neutral Point Check
  • Brush Spring Tension Measure and Check

We at AEM provide in-house machining services for worn journals, housings etc. Also available at AEM is the machining service for commutators which includes skimming, undercutting and bevelling.

Test Run
We have test facilities here to test run DC motors up to 1.5MW under no load condition.

Quality Assurance and Memberships

AEM conforms to the requirements of ISO9001:2000 and Australian Standard AS3800, which means that you can rest easy knowing your electric motor will be rewound/repaired/overhauled to the highest of standards. AEM is also a member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), an international trade organisation which provides continual training, advice and support. This means the team at AEM certainly keep up to date on materials, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology.

Load Testing: AEM is also able to offer load testing on AC and DC motors.Load testing is a process of identifying a motor’s efficiency and determining its behavior under the normal peak loads.

Repaired DC Motor

Rewound Armature


We offer a complete range of services such as pump service and repairs, generator repairs and rewinds, electric motor rewinds, overhauls and servicing; and even more, repairs of reeling and trailing cable.

Our highly qualified staff will provide you with the top-quality service your company can depend on. We can certainly meet your most demanding needs in the repair of all types of industrial motors and rotating equipment.

We can perform work in our fully certified workshop, or travel onsite – no matter where you are located.

Our skilled technicians carefully inspect your motor; repairing or replacing any damaged or worn parts with the best available. Each completed job is tested to meet the EASA recommendations to assure top performance. AEM also conforms to 2 Australian Standards certifications: Quality Endorsed Company (ISO9001), and Certified Workshop (AS3800).

Learn more about AEM’s certifications.


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  • Electric Motor Repairs
  • AC Motor Rewinds & Repairs
  • DC Motor Rewinds & Repairs
  • Low and High Voltage Rewinds
  • Motor Overhauls
  • Generator Repairs & Rewinds
  • Clean & Bake (water damage)
  • Repair of reeling and trailing cables, such as complete splices, sheath (jacket repairs), servicing, and repair and fitting of plugs and couplings.
  • Pump repairs, including warranty repairs for many brands
  • Dynamic Electronic Balancing up to 2,000 kg
  • Mechanical Repairs to Electric Motors, Pumps & Generators
  • Machine Shop Capabilities
  • Load Testing: AEM is also able to offer load testing on AC and DC motors.
  • Motor modifications, custom mounting brackets, shaft modifications and more

The most common cause of motor burnout is due to insulation breakdown, which is often due to age or moisture. The process of rewinding an electric motor involves the stripping and replacement of coils and insulation.

AEM can rewind AC & DC motors, armatures, coils, transformers, alternators and generators – anything from fractional kilowatt to industrial 1 Megawatt motors and above.

EASA have conducted studies that show that if the correct procedures are followed when rewinding a motor, it will retain its original efficiencies, and in some cases it will probably improve its efficiency. AEM follows EASA reccommended practices for rewind and repair of rotating machinery.

A complete overhaul of the machine is performed as part of the rewind process.

Load Testing: AEM is also able to offer load testing on AC and DC motors. Load testing is a process of identifying a motor’s efficiency and determining its behavior under the normal peak loads.

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