Grundfos JPRain

Grundfos JPRain Pump 

This Grundfos JPRain pump range offers a reliable, low cost solution to help you utilize your collected rainwater in the best possible way. It is ideal for one or multiple tap outlets to your garden, toilet and laundry.

2 Year Warranty


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Grundfos JPRain

The Grundfos JPRain is a compact booster pump designed for domestic and garden use. The booster unit consists of a Grundfos JPRain self-priming, composite, single-stage jet-pump, with PM1 pressure manager. The pressure manager allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand and protects the pump from dry running. The JPRain is also available with a pressure tank and switch or bare pump with no controller.


Pressure boosting for domestic applications
Rainwater harvesting for domestic applications


  • Self-priming
  • Robust design
  • Protective features
  • Stable operation
  • User friendly interface

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Grundfos JPRain

Grundfos JP Rain 2 PM, Grundfos JP Rain 3PM, Grundfos JP Rain 4 PM


Power (kW)

Outlet Inlet Dimensions Weight (kg)
JPRain 2 0.44 1″M  1″F  170 x 406 x 122  8
JPRain 3 0.60  1″M  1″F  170 x 406 x 122 8.5
JPRain 4 0.75  1″M  1″F   170 x 406 x 122 10.5