Davey Silensor SLS series

Davey Silensor super-quiet pool pumps are suitable for 60,000 to 70,000 litre Pools.
Manufacturer: Davey

Other models:

SLS100: $520.40

SLS150: $568.60

SLS300: $655.20



$ 609.00 $ 449.00

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Davey Silensor SLS 200 Pool Pump

Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, the Silensor has been specifically designed and engineered to combat the age-old pool pump problem i.e. excessive noise. As the name suggests, Davey’s Silensor truly heralds a quiet pool pump revolution. And, as you’ve come to expect from Davey, the all new Silensor is extremely dependable.

Solid construction and superior quality control in manufacture ensure your new Silensor will quietly go about its business day after day, year after year.

 Long Lasting

High performance UV stabilised polymers for outdoor installation. The design does away with highly corrodible metals such as aluminium and mild steel in exposed areas, making Silensor the ideal choice for modern salt water pools.

Cost Saving

The water passages inside the pump have been designed using the latest computational fluid dynamics, and have been refined to such an extent that Silensor is up to 15% more efficient than most standard pool pumps now available. That can mean a saving of up to $100 a year in energy costs, year after year. Quietness may also allow operation late at night when energy costs are much lower (off peak).


The unique seal protection system reduces wear on the mechanical seal by excluding debris from the seal area. ‘Dry run’ protection will stop the pump when it has no water moving or present inside the unit, often resulting from a full leaf basket or a blocked filter. Dry running is the major cause of premature pump failure.


Available in a range of performance sizes to suit any domestic swimming pool or spa. Silensor features a clever impeller design that provides exceptional air and water handling ability – a real benefit when operating with automatic cleaners that can introduce air into the plumbing system.


SLS models are an ideal replacement for many other pool pump models and are designed to retrofit with minimal hassle

Different models of SLS Series

  • SLS 100
  • SLS 150
  • SLS 300


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Products specifications
Power Output 525-960 Watts
Flow Rate 100-300 lpm
Inlet-Outlet 40/50 mm P.V.C.
Power Supply SinglePhase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz