Davey DC10A

“A” suffix models are equipped with preset length float switch for automatic operation.
Double cased submersible dewatering sump pump. These submersible dewatering sump pumps feature a double case, which means it can operate in partially submerged installations.
Manufacturer: Davey


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Davey DC10A Sump Pump

Davey DC10A Sump Pump is a double cased submersible dewatering sump pump.

Suitable Fluids

Clean water of neutral pH containing up to 10% of small soft organic solids (<10mm OD). Some accelerated wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension.


  • Domestic fountains or water falls
  • Sump emptying
  • Emergency flood relief
  • Water transfer
  • Pumping in partially submerged applications

Note: Not suitable for fish ponds or aquaculture


  • Hard face silicon carbide / ceramic mechanical shaft seal in oil bath for added motor protection.
  • Sand slinger lip seal for added protection and a long and reliable service life.
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel fasteners for long service life and attractive, lasting appearance.
  • Double case with full discharge flow past internal motor shell is able to operate in partially submerged installations and has better motor cooling for longer life.
  • Automatic resetting thermal overload protects pump from overloading.


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Products specifications
Power Output 0.1 kW
Maximum Pressure 6 m head
Maximum Flow 80 lpm
Output Type Single Phase, 240 Volt AC, 50 Hz
Warranty Period 2 Years