DAB Jetinox MP

DAB Jetinox 132M-P

The Jetinox 132M-P (with pressure switch) is designed to switch the pump on and off according to demand.

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DAB Jetinox 132M-P

The DAB Jetinox 132M-P self priming centrifugal pumps are particularly suited for domestic water supply or small scale agriculture and gardening applications, wherever a self-priming operation is necessary.  The Jetinox range has a stainless steel pump body – corrosion resistant and high strength, ideal for frosty conditions.
This single phase pump comes complete with industrial quality pressure switch and has a built-in thermal and current overload protection.

Pump Features:

Robust design

  • Stainless steel housing to provide the longest life possible

Easy installation

  • Built in check valve, pressure gauge and adjustable cut in pressure to enable the installer to customise for greater comfort

Controller Features:

Feature Benefit Active Jetinox Jetinox MP
Dual pump connection  Gives the user the ability to connect two pumps in parallel for variable flows in a duty standby configuration Yes X
Fault indication LEDs Allows for quick diagnosis of site issues Yes X
Anti- cycle alarm Alert the user to leaks in the system Alerts the user to leaks in the system Yes X
Dry run protection Protects the pump from damage if the water supply runs out Yes X
User friendly interface Allows the user to customise pump setting and display operating status Yes X
Built-in non- return valve Makes installation easy Yes Yes
Adjustable pump start pressure Allows the user to customise pumps settings for greater comfort Yes Yes


Models available:

  • DAB Jetinox 62M-P
  • DAB Jetinox 82M-P
  • DAB Jetinox 102M-P
  • DAB Jetinox 112M-P

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Jetinox MP

Jetinox 102 MP, Jetinox 112MP, Jetinox 132MP, Jetinox 62MP, Jetinox 82MP

Products specifications
Warranty Period 2 Year
System pressure Max. 8 bar (800kPa)
Liquid temperature

0o C to +35o C for domestic use

0o C to +35o C for other use

Maximum ambient temperature  +40o C
Maximum suction depth  8 metres