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AEM has a full range of products for around the house, pool, yard, and farm.


Home Pressure Systems let you put your rainwater tank to use. Just install one of these and you can run your tank water to toilets, laundry, and bathroom. These models automatically switch on and off as required.

Rainwater Harvesting systems have the added advantage of switching between rainwater and mains water. So if your tank runs out of water, you won't be left dry.

AEM's Water Treatment range includes solutions for treating, sterilising, filtering and purifying your water.

Drainage and Sump Pumps are submersible pumps you can use to drain water from basements, cellars, construction sites, and more.

Transfer Pumps are general purpose electric motor driven centrifugal pumps for moving water.

Engine-Driven Pumps are ideal for firefighting or general water transfer around the farm. Petrol and diesel models available.

We have a small selection of Pressure Tanks and pressure vessels to match your pressure pump.

AEM also has a wide selection of Pool & Spa equipment, including pool pumps, spa pumps, chlorinators, sand filters, cartridge filters, and more.

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Household & Rural

Davey Acquasafe

Davey Acquasafe rainwater purifier ensures that your stored water supply is safe for consumption which is essential for you and your family's good health.

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Davey Crystal Clear Media Filters

The premium range of Crystal Clear media filters have been specifically designed for the efficient and hassle-free filtration of water in swimming pools & spa pools. Suitable up to around 200,000 litre pools.

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Davey DC10M & DC10A Sump Pumps

These submersible dewatering sump pumps feature a double case, which means it can operate in partially submerged installations.

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Davey DCS40M & DCS40A Sump Pumps

Stainless steel shell,double cased submersible dewatering sump pump. Can operate in partially submerged installations.

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Davey Dynaflow HS Series

*Free 1L bottle of ACQUASAFE* Davey Dynaflow Home Pressure System with Torrium intended to source water from wells, tanks, creeks, rivers or other low pressure water supplies.

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Davey Easy Clear Cartridge Filters

The Easy Clear range is ideal for domestic swimming pools, spa pools, water features and aquaculture applications. The water saving design can save over 4,000 litres of water per year over sand filters.

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Davey EcoPure Cartridge Filters

For maintaining a clean and safe swimming environment for your family’s pool or spa with minimal water wastage. Suitable up to around 240,00 litre pools.

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Davey EcoPure Media Filters

Davey EcoPure Fibre Glass Media Filters are the convenient solution for clean, filtered pool water that provides more time for you to enjoy your pool and less time maintaining it. Suitable up to around 300,000 litre pools.

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Davey FilterPure Activated Carbon Cartridges

Davey FilterPure Activated Carbon Cartridge is a drinking water cartridge to remove chlorine, taste, odour and chemicals. Filters to 5 micron and suits Standard 10” housings.

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Davey FilterPure Housings

FilterPure cartridge filter housings provide safe and durable containers for your choice of cartridge filter element.

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Davey FilterPure Poly Pleated Cartridges

Simple washable filter elements for reducing or removing sediment from drinking water. Models to filter to 20 and 5 micron.

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Davey FilterPure Poly Spun Cartridges

Davey FilterPure Poly Spun is a depth filter cartridge to remove solids from water. Models to filter to 20, 5 and 1 micron. Dual gradient depth models also available.

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